Message from the Editor-in-Chief


I have the pleasure of informing members of the Faculty of Agriculture (NUL), the entire NUL community and all potential contributors that the Lesotho International Journal of Agricultural Sciences (LIJAS) has been accorded a slot under Journals of NUL, to kick start publishing high quality online articles soon.

At this juncture, I will like to thank Assoc. Prof. Mosito, PVC of NUL, the Faculty Dean Prof Dawuda and all Editorial Board members and International Advisory Board members for expressing commitment and dedication to foster the launching of this Journal after activities were temporarily stalled since 2018 due to some unforeseen circumstances.

Special thanks are due to the University Librarian, Dr Buhle Mbambo -Thata who affirmed that the Library is willing to provide every help within its domain to ensure that LIJAS is published online as an open access Journal, provided contributors send high quality articles that meet international standards. She underscored that we should all work in unison to leverage the profile of NUL in all aspects. We are very grateful indeed also to Mr Lebohang Lengoatha, Systems Librarian of NUL Library, who uploaded documents on our LIJAS webpage.

With the above background, we are encouraging authors to send their contributions through the journal submission page. Since we are targeting publishing high quality papers of good international standing, the articles submitted will go through rigorous review process. First and foremost, the respective Associate Editors will make sure whether the articles submitted are publishable and later the articles will be forwarded to a pool of distinguished professional reviewers drawn from the International Advisory Board (IAB) and beyond.

Journals are the best outlets where we share our scientific work and knowledge to the international community. Besides, universities across the globe have common motto of ‘publish or perish’ which NUL upholds as well. Therefore, let us use this opportunity to proactively engage in consolidating our data and writing good articles and share them to everyone through LIJAS.