Message from the Dean, Faculty of Agriculture


The birth of this Maiden Online Journal is as a result of concerted efforts by a mirage of academic players. These are: the Editor-In-Chief, the Lesotho International Journal of Agricultural Sciences (LIJAS) Committee, the Editorial Board, the International Advisory Board, the Faculty Board, the Executive Management of the University and the University Library. The faculty is very grateful for all of your contributions. The faculty aims to make this LIJAS highly competitive amongst the world class Online journals. We are therefore encouraging top class researchers to publish their scientific work in our online LIJAS. We have discovered that the faculty has a large volume of research findings that are stocked on our shelves without being published. The birth of this Online journal will provide researchers with an opportunity to publish such informative data for the benefit of the researchers, the faculty, the National University of Lesotho and indeed, the scientific world at large.

Professor Philip Makama Dawuda

Dean, Faculty of Agriculture